Dr Usman Tarqi

Professional Not Personal: Mastering LinkedIn to Elevate Your Career

LinkedIn stands distinct in the landscape of social media platforms. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, which are designed for personal interaction and social sharing, LinkedIn is tailored for professional networking, career development, and business growth. Understanding how to use LinkedIn effectively is crucial for anyone looking to advance their professional life. This article explores how to […]

Cracking the Code: 12 Essential Interview Questions for IT Professionals

Navigating the interview landscape as an IT professional involves a mix of technical acumen and soft skills. This article explores crucial interview questions tailored for IT roles—from software developers to network administrators—and offers strategic insights into framing your answers to make a compelling impression. 1. “Can you describe a recent project you’ve worked on and […]

Mastering Project Management Interviews: 7 Key Questions and Strategies

Project management is a critical skill set valued across multiple sectors, from technology and construction to healthcare and retail. As organizations strive to improve efficiency and execution, the demand for skilled project managers continues to rise. This article delves into essential interview questions for aspiring project managers and offers strategies to articulate your skills effectively, […]