Dr Usman Tarqi

ITEE Journal, 2015

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) are considered as one of the important network tool in managing the network security. It is found that network practitioners find difficult to use current IDS. Even security software’s like IDS are working efficiently but user found it difficult to use and understand. As a result user has difficulties in using and judging the quality of the output. Therefore, usability evaluation is important to help users in efficient interaction and enhance usage of IDS. In most of the situation the usability evaluation is done by the usability engineers. In small or large scaled companies software developers are forced to learn different paradigm of usability. This is not easier than training the usability engineers on how to develop software. As a remedy Cognitive Analysis of Software Interface (CASI) system has been designer for software engineer. Moreover this system help software engineer to evaluate the IDS based on user perception and evaluation views. To evaluate new heuristics for IDS are proposed in this paper also a broad literature on software interfaces and evaluating methodologies are discussed. Further challenges associated with interfaces and new methods to evaluate usability of software are reviewed.




Saad et al., (2015). Improving the Usability of Network Security Tools, ITEE Journal, 4 (5)

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